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This is the place where we can activate your warranty and help you get the very best from your DBPOWER products throughout its lifetime.


Warranty is valid only for customers that bought the product at miropure.co or from our official Amazon sellers. We don’t stop caring about our products once they’re yours. Activating your guarantee allows us to give you a tailored, complementary, direct service for your device. Even after your guarantee has expired, we’ll still be on hand to help.


Step 1

Receive and check your product

After receiving your product, check everything is as it should be and then take a look at the WARRANTY CARD. Type the website address into your browser to activate your warranty and be in with a chance to receive a free gift.

Step 2

Simply fill in the form

You should read the contents on the left side of the page to know what rights you have, then just simply fill in the form with your name, email address and order ID to active your warranty and other services.

Step 3

Check and confirm

Check the information you entered is correct. We’ll use that information to find the order details of your product and activate your warranty. Just click “ACTIVATE IT!” to go to the next stage where you can receive your reward.


Receive and check your product

It’s important that you activate your warranty in order to receive 1-year of product technical support. It’s also important for us to confirm our customers bought certified products from us through our official Amazon listing.

What can I get by activating my warranty?

After the activation of your warranty, you’ll receive product technical support for 1 year, as well as a membership to receive exclusive invites to sales events and monthly product offers, as well as everyday member prices.

Additional info about the warranty

We also provide a 3-month return service. If you are not satisfied with your product within 3 months from purchase, simply return the product to us to receive a refund.

What you’ll get from our service?

* 1-year product warranty service
* Membership to receive exclusive offers and discounts
* Invites to sales events

Why people love Miropure products?

Meet our happy clients and find why our products are the preferred choice.

Why Register? More Perks.

Registration doesn’t just give you Miropure’s 12-18-month parts and labor warranty. Being a Miropure product-registered owner has even more perks:

Exclusive Saving Events

Save 20% during Sales Events, only for Miropure product owners.

FREE Giveaways

Big opportunity to win 100% FREE Miropure giveaway products.

Be the First to know

Registered owners receive exclusive events and sneak peeks at our latest technology before anyone else.

VIP Hotline

Assistance from our team of Miropure experts, who are on hand to help through a dedicated VIP hotline, and online support 7 days a week.

Reviewer Program

Experience the latest technology in our invitation-only reviewer program.

Machine Information

Helpful tips to get the most out of your machine and keep it working at its best.

We don’t stop caring about our machines once they’re yours. Activating your parts and labor warranty allows us to give you a tailored, complementary, direct service for your machine. Even after your warranty has ended, we’ll still be on hand to help.

  • Please input your Amazon order ID

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