Enhanced Hair Straightener Brush by MiroPure, 2-in-1 Ionic Straightening Brush with Anti-Scald Feature, Auto Temperature Lock and Auto-off Function (Pink)


  •  Double Ionic Generator for Healthy Silky Hair: This MiroPure hair straightener brush gives your hair a smooth, silky, natural lustrous look by sealing the hair cuticles, thus reducing split ends and knotting. Get silky-looking natural and healthy hair, rather than a flat burnt look.
  • Auto-off and Auto Temperature Lock: Ensure maximum safety and optimum performance at all times. As a built-in safety feature, this hair straightener brush will automatically shut-off if not used for 60 minutes.
  • Simple to Operate and Travel-friendly: Straighten hair at home on your own easily at any angle with the 360-degree swivel power cord. In addition, you can take it with you anywhere to get smooth and silky hair in minutes, no matter where you are.
  • High-Density NANO Comb Brush for Curly Hair: Easily turn curly hair into straight hair in just minutes! Not only this, but this hair straightener provides a massaging effect that benefits the scalp and stimulates hair follicles.
  • New MCH Heating: The MCH (Metal Ceramic Heater) gives even heat distribution and quick temperature recovery time. The adjustable heat temperature from 150°C (300°F) to 230°C (450°F) allows you to match your specific hair type: thin, fine, wavy or curled. In just one minute, it can heat up to the desired temperature and offer great results.


Be your own stylist at home! Be your own kind of beautiful!

Professional Design for Your Beauty

Professional Nano Comb
The high density of nano comb brush, fit for all kinds of hair types, such as wavy or fine hair. MiroPure gives you more control of your style while reducing flyaways and static.

Different Temperature Settings with Salon High Heat

Get professional results fast from 450 ℉ heat with digital controls. 16 different temperature settings (300℉-450 ℉)for different hair types.

Temperature Lock & Auto Shutoff
Saves trouble of accidently pressing buttons so that you can focus on styling. 60-minutes auto shutoff gives you added peace of mind with every use.

  • New Day, new you, new hair style!
  • Be your own stylist at home! Style you hair the way you want it!
  • Tame your unruly hair with MiroPure hair straightener brush, which will give you silky smooth and professional-looking straight hair in just a few minutes.
  • 16 heat settings provide you with total control for all your hair styling needs.
  • No time wasting, no burning your hair, no pain, no damage to your scalp and hands and no fatigue at the salon!
  • Are you still plagued by dry and damaged hair? The MiroPure hair straightener brush is here to help you right away! You can get smooth salon-style hair every day, anywhere you want.
  • 2-in-1 MCH heating and ionic straightener brush. Metal ceramic heater (MCH) technology delivers a consistent optimum temperature in no time. The straightener brush can heat up in one minute. Whilst the double ionic generator gives your hair a smooth, silky, natural lustrous look by sealing the hair cuticles.
  • Specifications:
  • Automatic shut-off: 60 minutes
  • Heating time: 60 seconds
  • Temperature: 150°C (300°F) to 230°C (450°F)
  • Voltage: 120V 60Hz
  • 16 heat settings
  • Swivel cord
  • Variable heat settings
  • Temp lock
  • What you will get:
  • 1 x Hair Straightener Brush
  • 1 x Heat Resistant Glove
  • 1 x User Manual
  • 1 x Carrying bag


Question: How long is the electric cord?
Answer: It’s about 5 feet.

Question: Is this wireless or battery power?
Answer: Hi, this device need to plug into power and then use, there is no battery in.

Question: Will this remove gel and other nail builders?
Answer: Yes it is very good at removing whatever is on your nails and toenails. Def would recommend.

Question: Does it file cuticles
Answer: It can, you just have to be careful.

Question: Can this drill be used with a rechargeable base?
Answer: No, it can not be used with a rechargeable base.

Question: Do the peices stay in while rotating? My current one the peices fall out while its rotating and makes it impossible to do it.
Answer: I am not sure of the question, but I will answer it in two ways. 1. the attachments that are put into the end of the drill are locked in a vise type lock. 2. If you are talking about the sanding discs, one of the bits is large enough to accept the sanding cups that comes with the nail drill. (Hope this helps)

Question: How to turn on the product ?
Answer: Simple to Operate:
Step 1: Plug in your chosen drill bit.
Step 2: Connect the power cord with nail drill hand piece and the other end with the wall socket.
Step 3: Control the SPEED SWITCH in the middle of the electrical cord to adjust speed.

Notice: Please Long Press the ON/OFF button about 2-3’s to turn on or turn off the product, short press can not turn on the product.

Question: Is this good for filing down toenails with slight fungus?
Answer: It sure is, my husband has slight fungus on 3 of his toes (old basketball player) & it’s great! You should try it.

Question: Is it rechargeable?
Answer: No, it is powered by a long-reaching AC adapter (1.35 meters) that offers more powerful and consistent speed thanbattery-operated units (100-240V AC adapter).

Question: Can you adjust the speed of this?
Answer: Yes it also has an on and off button

Question: Can I install other drills on this machine?
Answer: Yes, only if it is standard 3/32″ bits.

Question: Is this good for acrylic nails? Will it be able to file down after a fill?
Answer: Yes. I use it on my acrylics, for that purpose.

Question: Can someone explain which bits this comes with? I see the pictures, but can’t seem to find a detailed breakdown of the bits. Thank you!
Answer: It comes with all of the bits shown, and various types of sand paper. The ones that are silver have the grit of standard sandpaper. There’s a white soft bit used for smoothing things after sanding.



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