MiroPure Electric Nose Hair Trimmer for Men and Women Professional wet/dry Nose and Ear Hair Trimmers/Clippers Removal with LCD Screen 1 Button Lock 5 Minutes Auto-Shutdown


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  • Big smart LCD display screen of this nose hair trimmer for men shows the remaining capacity of battery. You can monitor the battery anytime and avoid hair clogging effectively. Attention: 1 AA alkaline battery (LR6) is required to start the device.
  • MiroPure men’s grooming trimmer has advanced arc cutter head with curved, hypoallergenic, stainless-steel dual-edge blades that can remove nose, ear and unwanted facial hair like individual stray eyebrows and detail mustaches and beards.
  • Unique 1 Button Lock and 5 Minutes Timing Auto-Shutdown function: when the electric nose hair trimmer keeps running for 5 minutes, it will automatically shut down. By long pressing the power button you can easily activate and deactivate the lock function. So it can effectively avoid unnecessary waste of battery and extend your real use time.
  • With the improved Rotary Cutting Blade System with Safety Cone, MiroPure nasal hair trimmer will bring you clean painless and smooth cut by guiding the hair from top and sides into blades while retaining the optimal volume of hairs for the nose’s natural filtering.
  • Fully water resistant and washable ear and nose hair trimmer is easy to clean, just rinse the trimmer head under under warm running water after use. 100% waterproof hair remover for wet/dry nose and ear clipping and trimming convenience. Powered by one AA-size battery. 360 day, no-questions asked money back guarantee.


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Make You Stylish Anytime and Anywhere

MiroPure is made to give you fashionable, clean and neat appearance. Different from traditional electric nose hair remover, MiroPure water-Resistant Nose Hair Trimmer is able to monitor the battery anytime, control the power consumption and extend the real use time efficiently. At the same time, it’s perfect for detailing your eyebrows, trimming your nose & ear hair and other unwanted hair.

Dual-Edge Blade & Rotary Blade System

Our wet dry nasal hair trimmer and personal groomer is equipped with ultra-sharp and durable Dual-Edge stainless steel blades of outstanding strength and speed that softly and easily cut unwanted nose or ear hair from a variety of angles while protecting your skin from pain or injury. Improved cyclone blade action of the rotary blade system brings you efficient and precious trimming with no pulling sensation.

Battery LCD Display

Unique intelligent LCD screen of the men and women’s nose hair trimmer helps you check the remaining capacity of battery effectively. Each circle represents 25% of the quantity of electricity.

1 Button Lock & 5 Minutes Timing Auto-Shutdown

After the electric nose hair trimmer keeps running for 5 minutes, it will automatically shut down. The center icon of the LCD screen is the “lock” symbol and is only displayed when the lock function is activated. When the appliance is turned off, long press the power button to activate the lock function. If the appliance is turned off and unlocked, short press the power button to turn on the appliance. So even if you forget to turn it off or accidentally press the power button when you are on the go, you don’t have to worry about unnecessary waste of battery.

Streamline Design, Cordless Operation

Streamlined ergonomic contour fits naturally in one hand. The lightweight and compact nose and ear clipper fits perfectly into luggage and bags.

35 reviews for MiroPure Electric Nose Hair Trimmer for Men and Women Professional wet/dry Nose and Ear Hair Trimmers/Clippers Removal with LCD Screen 1 Button Lock 5 Minutes Auto-Shutdown

  1. Larry

    cuts ok
    it could cut a little closer

  2. Barney Oldfield

    workd well
    Works well

  3. Channell C.

    Glad he uses it
    My husband really needed this. Glad he uses it. Works as expected.

  4. Joseph McAteer

    Solid Trimmer for the Money
    Good trimmer for the price. 4/5 stars because it gets about 80% of the job done.

  5. Anirudh Singh

    Five Stars
    Excellent product. Efficiently does the job its supposed to do. Would surely recommend.

  6. John M

    Four Stars
    Keeps the brush clear in the ears & nose. :)

  7. Sam S.

    Good on batteries
    No pinching. Good on batteries. Easy to clean.

  8. Amazon Customer

    Great product, love it.
    Great product. It is very light and I like the design. It doesn’t pull or hurt at all. There is little noise which is different from the one I used to have. I love it. It’s water resistant so it is very easy to clean after use. I will definitely buy one as a gift for my dad.

  9. Cindy

    Very easy to use
    Very easy to use. Cleans my nose really fast and by was easy to wash. Wasn’t loud and was quiet.

  10. jessy

    Get rid of disgusting nose
    It is smart and fashion. My husband get disgusting nose further. I hate it. Right now , I like him better than before.

  11. Edmond E

    Trimmer works great!! My hair grows very quickly around my …
    Trimmer works great!! My hair grows very quickly around my ears and the Norelco I used to use didn’t always get it as close and lft spots. This gets very close without knicking me. I use it weekly and it feels more powerful than the others I have used.

  12. Justin Welch

    Itchy nose fixed
    I bought this because I was sick of pulling nose hairs. This is a great fix to a itchy nose. No cuts

  13. Zev

    Five Stars
    Good product, good price!


    Five Stars
    Works better than the one I bought at Wal-Mart.

  15. Debbie West

    Nose trimmer
    Bought this for my son. Looks like it’s a good product.

  16. Chefedogg

    Five Stars
    very easy to use, love that it shows battery life

  17. Becky

    Great Buy !
    Great product. I recommend it !

  18. Bob

    Five Stars
    I am impressed with product so far, quality construction

  19. Meliselaneous

    No tugging
    Not the most glamorous item to talk about, but if you have nose hair that needs trimming, this will do the job withot tugging.

  20. Marcela F.

    Good nose hair trimmers and stylish design
    My hubby has been asking for nose hair trimmer. I found these and he likes them. This is a good design and easy to handle. He said they are easy to use and don’t pull his hairs. I’ll admit it, I snuck in a grooming too and he’s right, no pulling and no crying in pain from trimming!

  21. Cliente de Amazon

    excellent article, highly recommended
    This item is excellent, the delivery times are very correct, the quality guaranteed, highly recommended

  22. Amazon Customer

    My husband loved this! Every man’s dream he said
    My husband loved this! Every man’s dream he said. I was hesitant because I’d bought him one before and he only used it once. He had been complaining and messing with his nose hairs so much, I went ahead and got him this one. No pulling or tugging on nose hairs, works great with no pain! Definitely recommend, great product!

  23. Michael L. Hickman

    This works great!
    This does a great job! It’s easy to hold and easy to use. It gets in there and clears out hair efficiently without any pain or tugging. I like that it’s water resistant so I don’t have to worry about damaging it during cleaning. The little LCD screen shows its battery life so you never end up pulling out a dead trimmer when you need it. Great product!

  24. Linda Shealey

    Five Stars

  25. Tricia

    Be sure battery is brand new!
    Nose hair trimmer works well. Seems a little more complicated than it needs to be having a lock on it. Also I didn’t have a new battery when I bought this so I tried 7 other batteries that I removed from working items and it wouldn’t work with them. Make sure to use a new battery.

  26. Queeen

    Pretty self explanatory! It’s an electric nose trimmer I got for my boyfriend and it seems to be working well. The head of it fits comfortably in his nostril. I really love this company and its ease of use.

  27. jayhix07

    Well made & does the job!
    Great and well made nose hair trimmer………have had some bad ones………..love this trimmer! Thanks!

  28. constance bentley garrett

    Multi purpose neat little device…
    This trimer works like a charm, no pulling or tugging when i use it. I cant believe you can use this to get the peach fuzz off my face too!!! So happy no waxing or shaving my face anymore…

  29. Jaxhaze

    … the hairs he was trying to cut I thought great no more yelping coming from the bathroom anymore
    I bought this for my husband because his last one died on him and he’s got some strong thick hairs in his nose so when I read on some of the reviews it didn’t yank on the hairs he was trying to cut I thought great no more yelping coming from the bathroom anymore! In his words, trimmer worked great he was able to cut down the hairs faster instead of having to make sure to go slow so the hairs wouldn’t get pulled. He loved that the trimmers are water resistant, “it makes it easy for quick cleaning.” He’s only used it once so far so he hasn’t had a need a use for the LCD screen to tell him about the battery but a nifty thing to have none the less ! I wish he would of let me take a before and after but he won’t let me, oh well lol! Thanks for the speedy delivery as well!

  30. Pete K

    Say goodbye to those long nose hairs, keep them trimmed and where they belong, in your nose…
    Finally after my wife convinced me to purchase a nose hair trimmer, I finally broke down and bought a pair. I have never owned a pair of nose hair trimmers, but so far, these seem to work great. The only thing required is a pair of AA batteries, and off to trimming the rain forest in my nose… Ive got to say that I’m pretty impressed. I never thought that trimming nose hairs could be so easy. I also dont have to worry about accidentally cutting my nose using a pair of scissors… these are idiot proof, and easy to use. They definitely get the job done. So, If your looking for an inexpensive, water resistant nose hair trimmers, then this product is for you. I use mine in the shower and never have to worry about hairs dropping all around the sink.

  31. Amazon Customer

    Sturdy and effective
    Works very well.

  32. Laurie1949

    Great product!
    I’ve been afraid for years to purchase one of these. But I finally got tired of not being able to trim my nose hairs close enough. I was amazed at what a fantastic job this thing does, leaving no stubble behind. I couldn’t be happier!

  33. T. Money

    Five Stars
    works well


    Finally A Great Product
    A terrific product. Cuts well and is water resistant for cleaning…Good price…Not much else to say.

  35. Tish

    My search is over!
    I could not possibly count the number of nose/ear trimmers I’ve had over the years, in search of one that actually works. My search is over! Finally, when I turn it on, I know I will be able to accomplish the intended task at hand – it’s a great feeling to have made such a good choice!

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