Enhanced Hair Straightener Brush by MiroPure, 2-in-1 Ionic Straightening Brush with Anti-Scald Feature, Auto Temperature Lock & Auto-Off Function (Black)

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Enhanced Hair Straightener Brush by MiroPure, 2-in-1 Ionic Straightening Brush with Anti-Scald Feature, Auto Temperature Lock & Auto-Off Function (Black)


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(85 customer reviews)
  • Double Ionic Generator for Healthy Silky Hair: This MiroPure hair straightener brush gives your hair a smooth, silky, natural lustrous look by sealing the hair cuticles, thus reducing split ends and knotting. Get silky-looking natural and healthy hair, rather than a flat burnt look.
  • Auto-off and Auto Temperature Lock: Ensure maximum safety and optimum performance at all times. As a built-in safety feature, this hair straightener brush will automatically shut-off if not used for 60 minutes.
  • Simple to Operate and Travel-friendly: Straighten hair at home on your own easily at any angle with the 360-degree swivel power cord. In addition, you can take it with you anywhere to get smooth and silky hair in minutes, no matter where you are.
  • High Density NANO Comb Brush for Curly Hair: Easily turn curly hair into straight hair in just minutes! Not only this, but this hair straightener provides a massaging effect that benefits the scalp and stimulates hair follicles.
  • New MCH Heating: The MCH (Metal Ceramic Heater) gives even heat distribution and quick temperature recovery time. The adjustable heat temperature from 150°C (300°F) to 230°C (450°F) allows you to match your specific hair type: thin, fine, wavy or curled. In just one minute, it can heat up to the desired temperature and offer great results..


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Professional Design

Professional Nano Comb
High density of nano comb brush , fit for all kinds of hair types, such as wavy or fine hair. MiroPure gives you more control of your style while reducing flyaways and static.
Different Temperature Settings with Salon High Heat
Get professional results fast from 450 ℉ heat with digital controls. 16 different temperature settings (300℉-450 ℉)for different hair types.
Temperature Lock & Auto Shutoff
Saves trouble of accidently pressing buttons so that you can focus on styling. 60-minutes auto shutoff gives you added peace of mind with every use.

❤ New Day, new you, new hair style!
❤ Be your own stylist at home! Style you hair the way you want it!
❤ Tame your unruly hair with MiroPure hair straightener brush, which will give you silky smooth and professional-looking straight hair in just a few minutes.
❤ 16 heat settings provide you with total control for all your hair styling needs.
❤ No time wasting, no burning your hair, no pain, no damage to your scalp and hands and no fatigue at the salon!
❤ Are you still plagued by dry and damaged hair? The MiroPure hair straightener brush is here to help you right away! You can get smooth salon-style hair every day, anywhere you want.
❤ 2-in-1 MCH heating and ionic straightener brush
Metal ceramic heater (MCH) technology delivers a consistent optimum temperature in no time. The straightener brush can heat up in one minute. Whilst the double ionic generator gives your hair a smooth, silky, natural lustrous look by sealing the hair cuticles.
❤ Specifications:
Automatic shut-off: 60 minutes
Heating time: 60 seconds
Temperature: 150°C (300°F) to 230°C (450°F)
Voltage: 120V 60Hz
16 heat settings
Swivel cord
Variable heat settings
Temp lock
❤ What you will get: 
1 x Hair Straightener Brush
1 x Heat Resistant Glove
1 x User Manual
1 x Carrying bag

85 reviews for Enhanced Hair Straightener Brush by MiroPure, 2-in-1 Ionic Straightening Brush with Anti-Scald Feature, Auto Temperature Lock & Auto-Off Function (Black)

  1. Ademil Montalvo

    This is a must have! Totally necessary and useful during this quarantine. Easy and safe to use! I love it!

  2. Beth Thomas

    Works excellent. Straightened my hair in record time. Just love it.

  3. Laura

    Love love love it! Took me 10 minutes to do my entire head and It left the perfect amount of volume! (I would love to add a photo to my review but I don’t see an option to do so)

  4. keira perez

    this is LIFECHANGING i use it every single day! highly reccomended

  5. Changed the game

    This is amazing! My daughter has 4B hair and I was able to straighten the entire thing in less than 50 mins, with out blow drying!

    Typically this is an all day adventure filled with tears. No tears and super fast. I can only imagine next time when I blow dry her hair first.

  6. Stefanie Strassburg

    I love my hair straightener brush! It’s amazing! 100% recommended! ❤️😍

  7. Stefanie Strassburg

    I LOVE my miropure hair straightener brush! I was blown away at how well it really worked! 100% recommended! ❤️👍

  8. Aimar Oropeza

    Very pleased with this brush

    I love it. I think is amazing. Would definitely recommend it for anyone with curly hair.

  9. revckw

    Great Straightener
    I wasn’t sure how this product would work. I have been delighted with the results. I have naturally curly hair. All it takes is a few brushes through my hair to straighten it. It couldn’t be easier. I love it.

  10. JuanMaria

    Works amazing 💕
    It’s work perfectly in my hair. It’s doesn’t burn your hair and you can get a shining hair and straighten. When I get some humidity my hair get some frizzy, but I think is ok, is normal in something like this.

  11. Taylor

    Easy, worth the $
    I already have pretty straight hair. This is a great product when you don’t have much time to get ready but still want to smooth out your hair and look more presentable! Easy to use!

  12. SHAY

    Love this product
    Wow! Love this product!! Straightened my hair so fast and made it so silky smooth! I use this product almost every day!

  13. A. D.

    Reviews for this has been good.
    I got it to straighten my hair and not use chemicals. Transition from natural styles to straightened hair. The reviews for this product is what lured me to it.

  14. Ginnifer29

    AMAZING product…I will never own another straightener!
    In under 5 minutes, my hair went from frizzy and wavy to sleek and straight. I’ll never buy any other straightener! Where has this thing been my whole life?!

  15. Kat

    Works great
    I liked that this heats up so fast and you can get your hair done in very little time

  16. KWHelms

    The perfect tool for learning hands
    Love this tool. It heats up quickly and is well made. It does work-read the comments or directions for best technique. I bought for my girls who are just starting to style their own hair. This is fail proof for them. When they wear the included glove, they feel confident they won’t burn themselves and are able to straighten without my assistance, including the back of their hair.

  17. A. Rosen

    I am a very active woman, 50 plus, and my normally straight hair recently started getting wavy to curly…and I was looking for a miracle to get my hair back to straight again. Well I am happy to say that I found the miracle in this wonderful Ionic straightening brush! It’s amazing, works fast, went from curls to smooth, beautiful hair in minutes!! I love the ionic feature, and the auto shut off too…and also the adjustable heat settings. It deserves higher than 5 stars…it’s amazing!! A. Rose

  18. Malachi hyland

    Pure magic and works even for my curly hair. I’m a black male

  19. lanyardlover

    Great product
    I’ve only used this brush for a couple of weeks, but it’s worked very well for me. It quickly takes the frizz out of my hair and leaves it with a nicer wave than an iron. I’m delighted I ran across it. Only one small issue – it’s hard to read the LED readout that shows the temperature setting.

  20. Lina Kavula

    Great hair
    Its just amazing how it straightened my hair. I love it

  21. golden retriever

    I love this unit!
    This straightener was so easy to use and half the time as an iron! Love!!

  22. Ash

    Convenient and Simple
    This hair straightener brush is amazing! It makes the task of having to do my hair less daunting; this device is convenient and simple. It heats up quickly and definitely makes my hair look nice. The glove is a nice bonus because the device can make your hair hot. The instruction manual has valuable information. For example, there’s a guide for what temperature should be used on X, Y, and Z hair. Overall, I definitely recommend this product!

  23. sky

    Brush straight fast
    Present for my wife and she loves it.

  24. Jamie Belkin and Jake Thorton

    The BEST
    I have the curliest hair you’ve seen this thing gets my hair so straight the product is amazing

  25. Joel P.

    Excellent product
    So far so good!

  26. Natsan45

    Straightens in half the time!
    I love that it straightens my daughters hair in half the time. The only thing I’m worried about is that I do seem steam so it might be too damaging.

  27. Tanya

    This worked very well and quickly!
    This worked very well and quickly!!! I blow dried first then brushed the brush throughout my hair. Love this product

  28. kittykat

    Did the job
    Pretty darn good. Easy to use. Can get close to scalp unlike traditional flat irons. I have lots of hair and it felt like the brush took less time. I usually have to blow dry straight first but tested it by letting my hair air dry and then flat iron. It did great. Great price compared to my $150 dollar salon iron.

  29. Jesika Rizzi

    Pros outweigh the cons
    I’m giving this a 4 star review because as I suspected, texture and hair characteristics determine effectiveness. I am bi-racial with hair leaning on the looser curl scale, more medium/fine than coarse. At the highest temperature of 450 my hair is no where near how straight it gets with a flat iron. What I loved though, is that because of the aforementioned my hair has volume and even though not completely straight still looks nice this way. It almost looks like I just got a fresh blow out, except my hair seems dull after using this versus the normal shine I have when wearing straight hair. It was also not as fast as the other reviewers. I had to run the brush slowly over each piece several times…still quicker than an hour and a half for flat ironing, but definitely still took me 35-40 minutes.

  30. Natalie Moore

    Pleasantly Surprised
    I kept writing off that I was never going to like the straightening brush, that I would only use a flat iron. But, I left my flat iron in NY when visiting family last week and needed something to help combat the FL humidity. This straightening brush not only straightens my wavy, curly, and frizzy hair, but it also makes it look fuller, as opposed to a flat irons pin straight look. I may be hooked!

  31. Marissa

    I love this!!!! Less than 5 min I’m done, I have extremely thick hair and I just run it through my hair quick and it’s smooth!

  32. Amazon Customer

    Works Great
    straightened my hair without damaging it. Did not make it pin straight but it looked natural.

  33. Helen Kirby

    Works on thick hair also.
    I bought one for my daughter and she loved it, she let my daughter in law try it and she loved it too. I ended up buying another one for my daughter in law.

  34. Prasad S.

    Works like charm
    Was a gift to my daughter and have used it only once till now. Very happy with the result.

  35. Claire

    Works well
    Works great. Perfect for younger girls (preteen) that haven’t mastered using a straightener yet.

  36. Alexandria

    Great product. Works in minutes.

  37. jalene

    Works very well!
    Love this product! Works very well. One slow pass at 350 leaves my hair soft and very straight! Have not noticed split ends or breaking like using a regular straightener! Definitely recommend!!

  38. Tharwat

    Great product
    totally love this thing , super easy and efficient the only reason am not giving a five stars is the thermal gloves it’s that good i use another one underneath it so i protect my hands from the heat

  39. Amazon Customer

    Good but won’t replace my flatiron.
    The build and quality is very sleek and easy to hold/ use. I won’t say that this would replace my flatiron but I use it to touch up quickly during the week after straightening. I rather hoped that it could replace my flatiron but it’s a good backup for quick touchups.

  40. Kendra Cook

    Great straightening brush
    Love this! I have fine hair with a great deal of curl. It gets frizzy easily, especially with straightening. This straightener brush not only fights the frizz, it gives my hair body at the roots. Very happy!

  41. Caitlin

    Change your hair game forevahhh!
    LIFE CHANGING. I have thick wavy hair and I got sleek straight hair in 5 min tops. A+++ HIGHLY RECOMMEND!!! 🤗

  42. MP

    highly recommend!
    I heard that hair straightening brushes are less damaging to hair compared to a flat iron so after reading many reviews I chose to order the MiroPure. From customer reviews I didn’t expect for it to make my hair pin straight, but I was surprised when it did. It heats up really fast, straightens well, and takes me about 5 minutes to do my hair (I have long, semi thick, straight to wave hair). My only issue is that its a little chunky compared to a flat iron, so not as travel friendly, but this isn’t a big issue. I replaced my flat iron with this brush and I love it, I highly recommend it!

  43. Sabrina

    Best straightening brush I have ever used.

  44. Alejandro

    Great product
    As advertised

  45. Mary Kathleen

    I love this product
    I love this product! It makes doing my hair so easy! I have short hair that’s pretty wavy in he back, so sometimes I have to use a regular straightener to get those difficult short hairs. The light is also not bright so it can be hard to see what temperature you have it on. Other than that it’s perfect!

  46. Amazon Customer

    This brush is AMAZING! I have THICK curly hair that goes to my mid back. I let it dry curly and this brush straightens it smooth!!! My daughters hair is the same and it worked great for her as well

  47. sharkmama

    Just as good as expensive brands!
    This hair straightener is awesome. I purchased this for travel because I did not want to take my more expensive straightener (Amika $120) on the road. To my surprise, this straightener works just a good as, maybe even better. Regret not knowing about this one earlier!

  48. Patrick Seckington

    Girlfriend loves it
    Bought this for my girlfriend because she kept taking too long to do her hair. She absolutely loves it and it only takes about 5 -10 minutes Just straighten her hair. Win/win

  49. Li Ann

    Im in love with this hot brush. It only takes me 20 minutes ro do my hair. When blowdry and use the iron it takes mr 1 hour 1/2 minutes to do my hair!!!

  50. Bonnefemme

    Five Stars
    This is so easy to use, and it works great

  51. Stephanie D.

    You need this if you have curly hair.
    LOVE LOVE LOVE This. Worth every penny. Works & heats up fast. Does what it promises.

  52. rebecca nicely

    Five Stars
    Good quality product. Bought as a gift

  53. Kim Eaddy

    The gloves…safety first…always a major component in handling hot products.
    From the time I opened the box and took the hair straightener brush out of the bag, I knew it was love at first sight. The simplicity of the product, the simple to read instructions and the fact that I finally found a straightener for my thick hair. Oh Joy!!

  54. Keri

    No more salon!
    Ok, where do I start, I was so excited to receive this straighter from Miroprue.😁 It came seal in the original package. The brush was in a gray drawstring bag. So I read the great reviews and decided to give it a try! Best investment! It took me an hour to do. I have to be completely honest I was eating and watching TV! 😂 If I wasn’t I would have been done in 30ins. It’s is super easy and my 13teen-year-old finish in 15 mins! I would recommend this to all women. No more sitting in the salon for 3hrs! Will give a update in a month! Let me know what you think😊

  55. D R

    Love my straightener
    I just love my straightener. Very easy to use and very quick.

  56. Christy

    All u do is brush your hair
    I love this ir is so easy to use and even my kids can use it it is just like a brush .

  57. J. Cabrera

    Holy smokes! This rocks!
    Holy smokes! I just got it and could not wait to use it! I have naturally curly and thick hair. Having fully dry hair I was able to straighten it within about 20 minutes. I honestly didn’t even try small sections. I did pretty large sections and slowly passed the brush through. I just made sure I went over my hair twice. This is so much better than a flat iron. It was quicker, much more efficient, and I feel like I could actually do larger sections then I can with my 3 inch flat iron. If you are even slightly intrigued by this product, just buy it! If you don’t like it you can return it, but honestly I think you will fall in love after you make that first pass through your hair.

  58. beckjones

    Forget a straightening iron! This straightens my hair in under 5 minutes and I have a TON of hair. I buy every latest hair gadget out there and this is by far the best purchase!

  59. Amazon Customer

    It really works!
    I have very curly hair (3B curls). I used this brush on my curly hair without blow drying it straight first and it did a great job. I doesn’t get it quite as smooth as my flat iron but I’m sure it probably would if I had blown it out first, and put more effort into it. It did the job, and in a fraction of the time.

  60. FunnyMom

    Great for fine/ medium texture hair
    Color my fine/med texture hair and am always cautious about over heating and drying out my hair. On days I do not wash my hair the low setting works well to get any sleep kinks out. Easy to use, heats quickly.

  61. Robert Chila

    Works great!!!!!!!!
    I have very long and thick hair and I have used to same flat iron for 20 years. Till now when I saw this on deal of the day and decided to go with a brush one cause it seemed it would be easier to use. Man I was so right!!!! With a regular flat iron it would take me 30mins to straighten my hair and now no lie took me about 5 mins!!!!!! I just brushed me hair as if it was just a normal hair brush.

  62. Katie

    Made life easier
    Reviews seemed positive so I took a chance and I’m glad I did! I don’t need a regular hair straightener anymore. This is WAY easier =) also it leaves hair with more volume, which I like.

  63. Kathy Forrest

    Great tool
    Just received it on Saturday. I love this! Makes my hair soft and removes all the frizz. Very easy to use.

  64. Angel LeFevre

    This hair brush straightener works as great as I was hoping and I am very pleased …
    This hair brush straightener works as great as I was hoping and I am very pleased with it. Mine does tend to make a buzzing sound, not sure if that’s normal or not… It’s okay I have gotten used to it.

  65. Farinaz dadnam

    I love it👌
    Recommend it👍

  66. Eizabeth Rivera

    Four Stars
    Good price, nice performance, just wish it could be use on wet hair too

  67. SS

    works great!

  68. Katie V.

    Love my hair again!
    I have super thick, impossible to curl hair, but it “bends”- not enough to be cute and wavy, though, at best it looks like a FAILED attempt at beach waves. It used to take me a good 40+ minutes with a traditonal straightener because I had to do such small sections, but with this I got done in less than 15. I spritz all over my dry hair with heat protecter and with just 10 sections and couple touch ups I was done. I didn’t even need to use the highest setting like I was used to. I also don’t have that “I just flat ironed my hair smell”. So after the first use I love it.

  69. ErinHazelwood

    Very impressed
    My hairy is very curly, thick and coarse. First time trying the brush I am am very impressed. My hair is super straight and took 1/2 the time of flat iron.

  70. Artifactual

    Works as advertised
    Love that it works on my daughter’s extremely frizzy hair. Love the quality, how fast it heats, that it does not pull knots, that it is temperature adjustable, that it is safe to touch even while hot and that it is simple and easy to use.

  71. Pam4Casa

    Heats quickly; works great!
    My hair is thick, course, curly and grey – really tough to straighten. This brush is SO much better than the one I was using – largely because there is more area of ceramic that touches your hair. Look closely at the design and you’ll see why. More contact = better/quicker straightening. This really was worth ditching my old straightening brush for. Couldn’t be happier with it.

  72. Amazon Customer

    The product is exactly what is shown in the picture. It’s so durable and fits my needs perfectly. Also, it’s easier and faster to straighten hair. I straightened my mid length hair in about 5 minutes. Very impressed.

  73. Amazon Customer

    Works like a charm!
    I have medium thickness wavy hair and this works great! Heats up fast and easy to use. Took 15 minutes to straighten my hair and lasted all day and night. Seems healthier for my hair because a flat iron tends to burn my hair.

  74. Rubyacab

    Worth the price
    Works great! So easy to use for my 13 yr daughter. It gets hot fast 1 minute. Glove and carrying case are also very helpful!

  75. Elizabeth Servan

    Fascinada con el resultado
    Estaba temerosa al comprarlo pero me encanto tengo el pelo ondulado y esponjoso y la verdad me queda divino, lo he usado ya 5 veces y no lo cambio por nada. Gracias!!!!

  76. shirley.

    I like the fact that it heated up very fast and …
    I like the fact that it heated up very fast and it didn’t take long to straighten my very course hair.

  77. Kirri

    Well worth the money
    Works GREAT!! My mom has REALLY curly frizzy hair and it straightened it out in one brush. Highly recommend.

  78. Subramanya Chittilla

    Five Stars
    it is so awesome

  79. Sherlock

    This straightening brush is amazing!!! Had I known a brush straightener could be this good I would’ve thrown my old one a long time ago!!

  80. Amazon Customer

    Better than a flat iron.
    I’ve had this brush for about a week and so far, I love it. It heats very quickly, straightens with little effort and makes my hair super soft and shiny. What I do not love is being bombarded with e-mails requesting that I review my purchase. (I have recieved 7 just today.) I would have liked to have used it a while longer before reviewing but, I just wanted the e-mails to stop.

  81. Kathryn K. Vogel

    Great product!
    So easy! Leaves hair soft, shiny & full.

  82. Dodo

    Five Stars
    Love this product and all the accessories.

  83. Christine

    Pleasantly surprised!
    I bought this due to the great reviews but I was skeptical! My hair is really thick and wavy so a lot of hair products and tools that work for most people don’t work well for me. So I was extremely excited that this worked for my hair! The major advantage of this tool over a regular straightener is that you can get the hair close to your roots straight laying flat against your head!!! This is after washing my hair earlier today with NO product or other hair tool used… I wanted to see the true result. Next time I will wait until my hair is more dry, it was still kind of damp and there was a lot of hot steam. Thank you for this amazing product!!!!

  84. rachaels54

    I have found the love of my life!
    How have I lived without you! A traditional Chi straightener takes me an hour. I just used my brush straighten for the first time, 10 minutes! Ten freaking minutes!

  85. michel fdo ballesteros

    Five Stars
    very happy thx

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