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  • 【INSTANTLY SOFT and SMOOTH 】: Gently and effectively buffs away rough, dry feet and hard calloused skin effortlessly. Turn cracked heels into silky smooth ones with just one application. Show off your beauty now.
  • 【IPX7 100% WATERPROOF】: Enjoy a perfect pedicure in the shower or in the bath tub. Recommend to wipe the water off the feet for a better result. This electric callus remover is certified IPX7 Waterproof. Safe to clean by running water or immerse in the water.
  • 【USB FAST CHARGING】: No need to change out batteries. Simply recharge the cordless electric foot file with the provided USB charging cable for 1.5 ~ 2 hours to the full charge which can powerfully run continuously for about 80 minutes. 
  • 【3X POWERFUL MOTOR】: Refillable roller head spins 360 degrees for quick results on thick, calloused skin with no blades to cut into the skin. Safe and effective to remove dead skin in minutes . Fine and coarse roller head provided for delicate and rough grinding over the feet.
  • 【ONE BUTTON OPERATION】: One button set is easy to operate for every one. Ergonomically shaped non-slip handle ensures a comfortable, secure grip wet and dry. Lightweight design makes it easy to carry for travel. 30 Days Money Back Guarantee and 1 Year Quality Warranty.


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Powerful Pedicure Tool for Foot Care!

Save Your Time and Money: No need to drive a long way to the pedicure salon. Enjoy the perfect pedicure in the shower or bath tub of your
comfortable home.

What you will get:
IMPROVE FOOT HEALTH: Gently exfoliates nasty hard and rough skin of heels effectively.
BE MORE CONFIDENT: Whenever to show out your sexy and soft feet.

Safe and Effortless, No irritation to the skin!


It is so powerful that not too much pressure required. Just slide over the feet gently and the callus will be removed effectively. Coarse and Fine roller heads provided for the rough and delicate grooming. Roller heads are made of long lasting micro-abrasive particles for durable use.

Product Features and Benefits:

Universal Dual Voltage: 100V ~ 240V

Output: 5V/1A


* This callus remover is specially designed for the callused feet or heel. Please do not use it on other parts of the body. 

* Do not turn on the device if the roller has not been placed properly.

Easy to Use! Choose the proper roller for best results!

Coarse roller is designed for the part with more callus or dry hard skin. Fine roller is designed for the part with less callus or dry dead skin.

Steps of Perfect Pedicure:
1.Soak your feet in the warm water for 10 minutes. Then wipe with a dry cloth.
2.Turn on the electric callus remover and slide over the callused feet gently to achieve the
desired result.
3.Clean the feet and apply some cream to moisturize the feet.

Package Content:
1x Rechargeable Foot File
1x Coarse Roller Head
1x Fine Roller Head
1x USB Charging Cable
1x Cleaning Brush
1x User Manual

It is time to pay attention to your foot health condition and try this foot file now!

Designed with IPX7 level waterproof, enable you to use this electric foot file in the shower, start to enjoy it now!

Indicator light is RED during charging. Turns to GREEN when fully charged.

Charging Time: About 1.5 Hours.

Working Hours: About 80 minutes.

Not only for young lady, but also for men and your parents, only if you have hard skin, rough skin, cracked heels, and dry dead skin. It is so useful and healthy for you and your family .

55 reviews for Amazon Chocie-MiroPure Electric Callus Remover

  1. Meranda Lynn Trinkle

    Works well, my feet are very smooth after I use it.

  2. teri b

    Help remove dry skin.
    I like that it is easy to use and does a good job removing summer dry skin from my feet.

  3. Antonela

    I love

  4. JC

    Five Stars
    Love love love this rechargeable Pedicure! Durable, made well, easy clean, good value!

  5. MiamiRunn

    Works well
    Works well

  6. sw

  7. daniel gomes

    it works great
    I have try several inthe pass but this product is one of the best compare to the competetion

  8. ABC123

    Nice product
    Better than other products I’ve used.

  9. kim

    This really works, quickly and without any pain or discomfort.
    Just got my pedicure foot file today and I already love it. My heels were calloused and cracked and this has already mad a huge difference in the first use. At first, I thought the motor wasn’t strong enough, but it takes the dead skin off with just a light touch. I am pleased with the purchase and wish I had tried it sooner. I might purchase additional ones as gifts for my family.

  10. Michael T. Marra

    No More Dry Heels!
    I have dry skin on my heels that won’t go away with foot lotions or scrubs so I bought the Miropure Electric Pedicure Foot File to see if it would help. I am very pleased that it does remove the dry skin and also smooths out some calloused areas. Works great and I’m happy with the file.

  11. Susan

    DIY pedicure
    Perfect for keeping up on at home pedicures. Keeps feet soft with little effort.

  12. elizabeth terlecky

    Awesome pedicure!
    Awesome product works like a charm!

  13. Lynde Truz

    Works great!
    I’m very happy with this pedicure filer. It’s so easy to use. I use it a couple times a week. Saves me from ‘operating’ on my calluses. The charger is simple and only takes about an hour to recharge. Totally pleased with this purchase.

  14. natalie mckinney

    Nice soft feet!!😊😊
    I used it as soon as it came out of the box!! It worked great on my feet. My feet were really, really dry, as I wear flip flops every single day. But my feet are soft again!!! I can put them in someone’s lap without embarrassment! Lol!! I love that it is rechargeable!!

  15. Amazon Customer

    electronic callas remover
    Works good fits my hand well leaves my feet feeling soft

  16. Amazon Customer

    Does the job!
    It’s cute and girly and does the job!

  17. Silvia Carry

    Love this gizmo
    At age 79 I got my first callus on the side of my left foot. It felt like I had a stone in my shoe. I wanted to resolve the issue ASAP and ordered this gizmo that removed the callus most efficiently now my feet are happy again

  18. Smallu71

    Does the job and it comes with a 1-year warranty.

  19. Erin Han

    Happy feet
    Nice color. Does the job.

  20. stephpray1

    really really helps
    in steel toe shoes all day for work and this is really helping to make my feet soft again. would get calluses on toes and rough snagging skin on feet. This works much better than a pumice stone

  21. Emily nichole will

    This is so much better than the “other” brand. I live that’s its rechargeable. It holds its charge amazingly long. I would buy again in a heart beat!! It’s well worth the money. I’ve been very happy with mine. I have never had a heel split since I’ve been using this.

  22. Amazon Customer

    Dead skin begone!
    Was hoping for a little stronger dead skin remover. Going to take extra time, but will work in the long run.

  23. Doug

    Quick, painless, effective
    I have hardened skin buildup on the out side of my big toes. This product, within minutes, had removed a majority the skin without any pain or discomfort and minimal effort.

  24. Momma ash

    Love love love
    Aboustly love it! Best working one I have ever had and cute to!

  25. M K

    Makes my heels very smooth. They were rough with a few cracks. It’s going to take more then one use and lotion to get it to go away completely.

  26. nancyrude

    I had tried all kinds of different files and scrapers for my callouses this works better and is totally safe. My feet are smooth. I use it dry. I love it.

  27. Amazon Customer

    Works great.
    For real water proof, i store it on the shelf in my shower sometimes. Any standard pack of replace cartridges will fit this. Works great.

  28. the Meema

    Five Stars
    ti is great

  29. Amazon Customer

    Nice product
    I like it very much. Used once and it worked well. Also looks very pretty.

  30. Erika

    Keeps my feet looking & feeling smooth!
    This keeps my feet looking smooth during my pedicure visits at the nail salon. I charge it the night before so it will be ready to go. This is so much better than a manual foot file because it gets the job done faster& more efficiently. It comes with a charger and an extra file. Highly satisfied with my Great little electric foot file!

  31. L.B.

    Great product
    Works great

  32. snwbordrgrl

    Awesome results and easy to use!
    Wow, I’m impressed. I didn’t have high hopes for this considering the price. I have averagely callused feet and my heels are prone to cracking. This electric file is so easy to use and not scary at all. I was concerned I would take off to much skin by accident. The file turns itself off if you push too hard, so it would be very hard to hurt yourself. It is more like a foot sander, very little dead skin comes off at a time. Excellent results after one 10 minute session. Very impressed, it is well worth the money. It’s my new go-to pedicure tool!

  33. LargeOne

  34. Amazon Customer

    Five Stars
    Most amazing feet product on the market. This product leaves your feet feeeling extremely soft and smooth. Favorite product I have purchased this year.

  35. Gazell

    Works great!
    I bought this for my husband because his feet were in terrible shape from his combat boots. This file did a great job with removing the dead skin from his feet and now they’re so soft! The color and design of this is SO cute as well!

  36. theresa

    Five Stars
    Great product

  37. Jasmine

    Works great!
    This product really works great! It helps removing all the dead skin of my feet! My feet are really smooth after I use it! Like the color, like it waterproof and I do not really have any complaints but just great experience on it!

  38. Mags

    Five Stars
    Excellent product!

  39. Amazon Customer

    Four Stars
    great product

  40. Heather

    Works pretty well i did think by all of the reviews …
    Works pretty well i did think by all of the reviews that it would have worked better than it actually does

  41. Linda from Tennessee

    I love this file/UPDATED REVIEW/
    I love this file. It works great for me and does an amazing job getting rid of the dead skin. THANK YOU! UPDATE: July 21, 2018…I’m changing my rating as of today! WHERE ARE THE REPLACEMENT ROLLERS? I really like the foot file but you can’t purchase replacement rollers. IF I had known this fact, I WOULDNOT have purchased this product. I believe there is deceit with the supplier! They “say” there are replacement rollers but when you click the link, it takes you straight to the purchase link! DECEIT! UPDATE: August 6, 2018….replacement rollers are now available! I ordered a set and then yesterday received an email from the company. They offered me a free replacement for all of my troubles….I responded that I had ordered replacements and would add this to my review. I appreciated their effort to make this right! I will order more! Thank you Zoe!

  42. Trish

    BUY IT!
    Ummmm this is like a little electric sander, my pups probably haven’t been this soft since I was a freakin baby! It showed up fully charged and ready to go. Beyond happy with Sammy (I named it Sammy the Sander). I didn’t even realize I needed to use one but I wear flip-flops a lot and was getting dry and cracked heels and the pads of my feet were very hard. I have baby feet now! To the person who reviewed and said it was junk because it would stop if you apply pressure…. you are using it wrong, dodo. There is no need to apply pressure. If your feet are that bad off you should prob go see a doctor or buy a chisel. This product is dope.

  43. MS510

    Quality product
    Really does what it’s supposed to do, even on my husband’s rough feet. It makes such a difference! Great quality for the price.

  44. Joey Feller

    Great Pedicure for great price.
    Excellent product for a great price. My wife loves it.

  45. Sraphim

    Wish I’d bought it sooner!
    Such a great item, my feet have never felt better! I’ve used this for myself and my husband. During the winter we tend to get calluses so deep that sometimes crack and can be very painful. This gently filed away all the rough areas and left smooth feet that don’t hurt anymore! I was worried it might hurt if I press too hard but it has safety precautions that make it stop if you use too much pressure, that way you can’t hurt yourself. Plus it can be used wet or dry, so I tend to use it with the coarse head after the shower, when all that dead skin is soft, then when my feet have completely dried I use the finer head to finish off and smooth everything out. I put lotion on my feet heavily before bed for extra softness but my husband doesn’t and he still has great results. No more scratching each other with our feet in between the sheets! I love it! Take my advice and buy additional heads when you get it, that way you can do more than one person at a time and clean the heads between uses while giving them time to dry.


    So Far So good – Smooth & Easy
    I received this item just a day or so ago. After charging it, today I used it for the first time. I liked seeing the dry skin fleeing my foot. I know there’s a lot more where that came from too. I figure, a little bit every day or so, and a foot moisturizer, will have these old feet looking and feeling great very soon. I have many years of hard build up and didn’t want to burn out my file in one very very long session. I definitely feel like I’m taking a big step in the right direction, going slow, smooth and easy. I definitely recommend this product. I read all the reviews and the only bad ones seemed to be by impatient people expecting miracles. The positive reviews were just as good, if not better than the expensive versions of this appliance.

  47. FlyGirl45

    Works like a dream.
    My feet haven’t been smooth since I was a baby. I used this the day it came to the house and they’re smooth again! I have no idea why I waited so long to buy one. Great product!

  48. Amazon Customer

    Great for callous skin
    As someone with hard callous skin on thier feet, I got tired of manual files so tried this out. And it works pretty well, smoothed the skin very evenly without bruising or damaging. Waterproof works well as able to work in shower very well repeatedly without issues. For best results I’d recommend soaking the feet beforehand then drying before use. After application, moisturize again. Great product

  49. ssconey

    As described.
    Works great.

  50. G.L.

  51. Amazon Customer

    The best thing about MiroPure is that it works
    The best thing about MiroPure is that it works ! I can’t believe how soft my feet are after using it only three times. I was looking for a battery run foot file a long time, but was afraid to believe all the advertising. Then I read all the good reviews on MiroPure and decided to try it. I’m so happy I did its great and so easy to use. The only thing I wish is that I could buy the extra rollers from Amazon. It would have been wonderful to purchase everything at the same time as we have Prime and I wouldn’t have to pay shipping on the refill rollers. I Love Amazon. Don’t be afraid to buy this product, it’s works terrific and is pretty too!!

  52. SheaG

  53. Amazon Customer

    Five Stars
    My daughter loved this set.

  54. TooToot

    Not much power
    Good product, but not much power. I returned it because using a pumice stone works as well for me.

  55. Don K.

    Five Stars
    Works great and smooths my soles.

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